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Major Projects

                     Major Projects Accomplished


            January 1, 2015 to the Present


1. The Library’s defunct twenty-two-year-old chiller (air conditioning

   system) was replaced with an energy efficient, cost effective chiller.


2. All of the computer hardware at Main Library and the five branches was

   upgraded to replace the seven to ten-year-old equipment we had been    



3. Wireless service was expanded and updated at each of the branch sites.


4. The Library’s forty-three-year-old boiler and the twenty-two-year-old

     boiler were replaced. The new boilers are energy efficient and cost    

   effective. Since they have the ability to communicate with each other, the

   Library’s heating system is also more effective.


5. The Children’s Department, the first floor, and the second floor were

   repainted. The Circulation Department, Periodical Room, Biography

   Room, Administrative Offices, and all of the restrooms at Main Library

   were also repainted.


6. New shelving was constructed and installed in the first floor office.


7. Major repairs were made to Main Library’s west side drainage system.


8. A major upgrade of the Library’s telephone system occurred at Main



9. Main Library’s parking lot was repaired, resealed, and relined.


10. The roof at the west end of the Reading Room was repaired.


11. The west side of the Library’s original structure was rewired for a new

       heat tape system.


12. In honor and recognition of the Brumback Library’s 100th Annual

     Summer Reading Program, a myriad of activities were planned and

     executed in conjunction with 2015’s Summer Reading Program.


13. The Library’s catalog and circulation systems were upgraded in early

     2015. This essential project was funded through a generous grant from

     The Van Wert County Foundation.


14. The Convoy, Middle Point, Ohio City, and Wren Branch libraries had new

      HVAC Systems installed. At each site in January 2016. These units are

      much more energy efficient than the older units.


15. Two new micorfilm scanner/viewers were installed in the Genealogy/Local

      History Department at Main Library. The microfilm readers that existed prior

      to the replacement were fifteeen and twenty-two years old, resepectively.


16. The stucco walls located at the base of the Library's exterior to the west

      were repaired and repainted in July 2016.


17. The roof over the round tower located on the east side of the building was

      recently replaced, with new pans being installed as well.


18. The Library partnered with the NPAC Lecture Committee to offer a

      Community Read featuring Laura Hillenbrand's best selling book Unbroken.

      Over 4,300 patrons of all ages participated by borrowing copies of the

      book from Main Library or one of the Branches.







                    Future Projects



1. A three-year program to repaint the interior walls at four of our

    branch sites. (The fifth branch is panelled.)


2. Explore the possibility of installing a back-up generator system at

    Main Library.



3. Continual updating of the Library’s print and nonprint collections.



4. Establish the Library’s own e-book collection to augment the resources

    available through the Ohio e-Book Project.



5. Continue to study and evaluate current and future resources and services

    for patrons of all ages.



6.  The Library will soon offer access to an electronic periodical collection

     for both adults and children.



7. The Library will once again partner with the NPAC Lecture Committee

    to offer a Community Read featuring Jon Gordon's The Energy Bus

    and Training Camp. Over fifty copies of these works will be circulated

    to interested patrons.


8. A series of Children's and Adult programs will be expanded and offered

   throughout the year to patrons of all ages. The programming efforts

   will offer an extension to the Library's more than 30 Story time Sessions

   which are held each week at Main Library and the Branches.


9. Continual updating and maintenance work projects at Main Library and

    the Branch sites will occur throughout the year.


10. Further expansion of the Books on CD, Audio and Music collections

      will occur.